About me and the story behind BeyondTheMaple

Wesley-Anne Rodrigues

Wesley-Anne Rodrigues

Hello, I’m Wesley-Anne Rodrigues and I write BeyondTheMaple.

I’ve been an advertising aficionado since my high school days – it stemmed largely from watching my dad write copy and my mom work as a graphic designer in their own advertising set-up that functioned out of a room in our house. It led me to pursue my undergrad in Communications(with a major in Advertising) and launch my career as an account planner. (Much to my good fortune because back then, planning was reserved for established mavericks and the worldly-wise)

I’ve lived in Mumbai for a large part of my life before moving to Toronto years ago. It’s in Canada that I explored the marketing side of communication. I’ve also spent some time down in Florida at Miami Ad School.

I’ve always been inherently reflective and my approach to Strategy too follows this explorative, un-syllogistic structure. Beyondthemaple started off being a cross-cultural understanding type of blog, today it encompasses my views on advertising, the consumer, new media, brand dilemmas, the zeitgeist and the pot pourri of it all.

I’m available for hire – strategic planning, branding & identity, market research, consumer ethnographies, brain-picking/opinion sharing and …clowning at birthday parties (kiddin!)

Drop me a line, say hello – wesleyanneR@gmail.com



8 thoughts on “About me and the story behind BeyondTheMaple

  1. I love this blog!!! Interesting & enjoable to read, this is one that I will definately follow!

  2. Thanks Suzanne, it is always a pleasure knowing my blog was well received!

  3. Hi wes,
    It’s a good attempt to start understanding/unravelling the Canadian( is no different than western/US) line of thinking.

    I wish you allow me to make a meaningful contribution to your and mine understanding of West from a Desi point of view. Having lived in US for sometime can not be my passport to understand canadians. Well for the starters, Canada is not US.

    Best of luck

  4. Thanks Chandraban, much appreciated. Feel free to sprinkle my blog with inputs of what you believe. Views are encouraged!

  5. W: I’m impressed …. keep it up … your views leave me waiting for more insightful ‘tid-bits’ to come. I hope the Canadian landscape does not deter you in this grand scheme of discovery …

    Cheers / Merlyka

  6. Hey,

    I’ve just read your comment on http://www.girvin.com website under the article about the All Saints brand. I’m on my final year of BA Fashion Promotion and doing a project on this brand. I found your argument very intresting. would you agree that this brand, in order to increase longevity should start using advertising? Do you think that the fact that All Saints is only associated with clothing and nothing more may have a negative impact on brand’s future? I’m wondering what is yourt opinion about it as I think u made a similar comment,

    Agnes xx

  7. Hi Agnes,
    Thanks for writing to me, I love hearing different perspectives on things.
    About AllSaints, no I do not think the brand should get into traditional advertising to increase longevity. The brand’s core is rooted in it being mysterious – which is why everything they do, is kept low key.

    Allsaints is associated with music too – they support british music legends and host underground parties.

    One way to increase longevity would possibly be to provide an incentive for fashion bloggers to write about the brand. But whatever it does, it absolutely should not get into traditional advertising – it will lose it’s core customer base, who currently love the fact that their look is unique and individualistic.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Hi,
    Loved your blog. It’s entertaining as well as educating. I wish to know your name because I want to add you on facebook.

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